Monday, November 8, 2010


Tim Barber is known as much for his curatorial practice as he is as a photographer. The former photo editor of Vice Magazine, and the mind behind the hugely influential on-line gallery, Barber has established himself as the authority on up-and-coming photographic talent and a true arbiter of taste in the young, global artist community. His legendary and massive tinyvices group shows—featuring hundreds of photographers and artists—have been exhibited around the world and his publishing ventures, including the prolific imprint TV Books and a curated series of five artists monographs published by the Aperture Foundation, have garnered critical acclaim. 

All the while Barber has been cultivating his own photographic practice, exhibiting in galleries around the world and shooting for an array influential publications. For this, his first major solo exhibition in the US, Barber will show a collection of work that spans his 15 years behind the lens. Known for astute, beautifully composed observations and arresting, intimate portraits of friends and creative peers, Barber's work conjures vivid, fantastical narratives. With a keen eye for the complex beauty in the seemingly mundane, and a decisive precision, "visual poetry" is a term often used to describe his work. Like a poet, Barber is a shrewd editor, maximizing narrative though sequencing and juxtaposition. OHWOW will release a large scale monograph—Barber's first major solo publication—in conjunction with the exhibition. 

Opening reception Saturday, November 13, 2010 8pm.

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