Thursday, April 28, 2011


Seen above sun bathing on the lawn at Brookyln Bridge park is Nchimunya a good friend of mine. Her name Nchimunya stands for The 5th Born and she hailes from Denmark, born in Africa, studied in England, wrote poetry in Paris, worked on music in San Francisco, and now does cartwheels in Brooklyn. Nchimunya is working on a project so we took advantage of an amazing monday to be creative outdoors. The project is going to be... actually just check back for all the info once she is ready to reveal it to the world. I wrote about The BKc Wrist Accoutrements a while back which are designed by Nchimunya. So after her Mac died and my Moleskine was just about all filled up we decided to break out into spontaneous cartwheels, it was her idea but I took first crack at it. FYI the N in Nchimunya is silent.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


First pair of Grenson brogues and I am absolutely attached to them. I have not taken them off since the day of purchase about 2 weeks ago from SCOOP NYC. These shots are by Troy of Quality Inspires using his new camera check his site out for the whole post about this day. Location is The Brooklyn Circus where I first heard about Grenson shoes and they just got in a fresh shipment so be sure to swing by to check them out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last Friday night I went down to Shag on N6th and Roebling in Brooklyn to check out the works by Ellen Stagg of Besides the obvious erotic appeal of her works, which is great by all means beautiful women with tattoos in the nude. All those elements make up most peoples wildest and wet dreams, I enjoy it but what I really love is the connection between Ellen and her subjects that translates so well into her photography. The shots feel so personal as if she just shoots her friends in random situations when they are vulnerable and not with the intentions of getting a great shot. The exhibition runs till June at Shag so pass by and enjoy and pick up some toys while you are there, I like the metal rose with barb wire thorns. Ellen I love your work and hope to hear from you soon should you need any assistance Thanks!

 Ian (Polished Penny) came by but kept getting all red in the face.
 So Rosie! (LifeSimplicidad) challenged him to a weird face lip biting contest lol!
 The homie Joe was also taking in the Photos, him being a dope graphic designer he picked up a moleskine and some other stuff he wouldn't show us.
 I had on my "Ecuadorian in Paris" inspired outfit.
 "The Sharp Couple" as you all can see both always looking great Troy (QualityInspires) took the shots with his G12 which he is now selling, so check his site out for more info about that.
This looks like a seen from Predator, but its at the Cove in BK.
Left the Cove to eat at Spike hill.
Then back to the Cove for a bit, Troy is nice with his G12 look at how he captured the twinkle in his Fiancees eye. Great night!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Ok so if you know me you know that I love clothing, apparel, fashion whatever you want to call it I enjoy it. I am a student of fashion among other things but I do not enjoy the pretentious spectrum of any of it, I enjoy how it makes you feel. No matter what you are into low end, vintage, new, high end etc.. regardless of any of that the confidence of an outfit that feels great on is what feeds my passion for fashion. When wearing something that you feel great in it shows and people respond to it making you feel even better when you receive compliments. The tie was a gift and is my favorite part because of who gave it to me.