Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was really wishing for some bad writing in this last season so that I would be glad that they are ending it before they ruin it. That is not the case the 2 last episodes have been amazing! I feel so bad for Ari n hate his wife, hope Vince gets the Brit, Go E for taking Malinda down, Go Drama for stepping up, Turtle and Don Pepe, Love Dana Gordon, and I know the ending will be a good one.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Mr. Louboutin seen in the picture above had a bad day to say the least in court on August 10th, when a judge declined to approve his request for an injunction against Yves Saint Laurent for presenting shoes in their 2011 cruise collection that showcase a red sole. The models in question are the Tribute, Taboo, Palais, and Woodstock.  
The Suspects below

Now this does not mean that it is all over for Mr. Louboutin and these amazingly designed and passion filled pieces of wearable art. The judge simply decided that "Louboutin to claim that scarlet sole as its own would have been like forbidding Monet from using a specific shade of blue in his Water Lilies series because Picasso had been there first with paintings from his Blue Period." Now that says a lot about this decision and the judge that made it, I am on Mr. Louboutin side and respect artistic process and creation, but knew that one day this would happen because in a world of free enterprise all licenses expire. 

I honestly feel that the red soles do give these shoes an amazing allure may it be to show a social status or the attempt to belong to it, or just the sheer appreciation for fine design at the end Mr. Louboutin has made his own lane out of pure beauty in his work which will only become more sought after if forced to change his aesthetic in sole palette.

Sorry to all the women and men who call themselves red bottom this red bottom that, its possible that V.I.M might carry some red bottoms real soon, you all should have appreciated it all and not just the image of a trademark. 

Thank you STUART EMMRICH for this great article. 

Friday, August 12, 2011


So much fun!! just watching it I hope the fun was real while shooting it. At 1:32 and 2:07 Kanye has on red trousers, did anybody else catch that or is it just me cause my professor always stressed continuity in editing class. It could also be that I watched this video about 100 times before posting it. Love It!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Project trade show NYC 2011
Raw Denim
The BKCircus booth The epicenter of Project for the last 3 years 

Splashlight Studios 
Taken at the Splashlight studio for Project NYC
I love these messy up high pony tails 
Grooming by the Blind barber at Project
More messy pony tails
Ms. Cudjoe Director of sales at Project and friend 
Grenson Booth at Capsule, sorry for the lack of transition but this shot along with the rest are of Capsule

Mark McNairy saddle shoes

Love the hangers
Interesting and the conclusion.

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