Wednesday, September 28, 2011


El Mundo Es Tuyo from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.

"El Mundo Es Tuyo (The World Is Yours) is a little movie we shot this spring for Opening Ceremony. Filming took place in the Las Peñas neighborhood of Guayaquil, Ecuador–working with a completely local cast and crew. The story takes a narrative cue from the popular fairytale Beauty and the Beast where a gorgeous young lady does not notice the charms of a trouble-making young man who is trying to get her attention. That is… until a magical event changes her perspective and the couple fall for each other. We had a real blast making this. Enjoy!!! " 
Via the OC

Really enjoyed this short by the OCTV team and it was shot in Ecuador using a local cast. It was shot in an area that is considered very upscale where the community is very well of. So I guess the OC is known in this community, I know no one in my family or anybody they know are aware of the OC but they should be even if the price is not what a country like Ecuador is accustomed to.

Added at 8:44pm - Ok so I asked my mom who I believe may know more about Ecuador then President Correa himself. She told me that Las Penas was a very dangerous neighborhood at one point but since the late 90s is has been revived with businesses and kept historic to attract tourist. So that area to Ecuador is what SOHO and Williamsburg is to NYC.

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