Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lets make it rain on this documentary...
About This Project:

The films structure employs the cycle of money exchanged and passed through the world as a metaphor for energy; from costume maker to security guard to patrons to the dancer's children. SHAKEDOWN emphasizes the symbiotic nature of how things work in a system.
The film is anchored in the stories of three women: Ronnie Ron, the creator and emcee of Shakedown, a large butch/stud lesbian and former Jehovah's Witness; Egypt, a single mother, beauty pageant fanatic, and dedicated self - (re)inventor; and Jazmyne, the complicated and sometimes conflicted "Queen" of Shakedown. We go through the process of their labor with them and record what they do, and how they feel about what they are doing.
From a meta-perspective, queer cultural production remains at the fringes of society today. It is largely undocumented, and therefore communities and art forms continuously disappear as stories are forgotten. SHAKEDOWN, is an entirely self-funded project. We need your help to complete the edit of the film, master the sound and score, color correct the images, fly to LA to shoot our final interviews with the dancers and have an amazing premiere in cities across America.

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