Friday, May 14, 2010


P.S.1. MoMA, is now MoMA PS1 (politics) but the summer warm ups will still be great and interesting especially with the pole dancing (watch the video to see the pole dancing) courtyard installation that will be in place for this years event. The video above touches on what the museum is planning for 2010, and also talks about the battle they are having with L.I.C.'s Community board. The community board for this neighborhood is infamous for giving business or anything they don't like a hard time, they are the reason its hard to get dark liquor anywhere near Vernon Blvd (doesn't bother me). They are famous for stopping restaurants like BLEND from getting liquor license, I don't drink but I wouldn't stop a business from serving it. Regardless L.I.C. is a great area with amazing potential, and MoMA PS1 is a landmark destination.

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