Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I remember my Brother watching this video early in the morning instead of getting ready to go to school. I was 9 at the time and I was still very much influenced by my Big brother who was introducing me to all these different Hip Hop artist at the time. This track and video by Gang Starr stood out for me then and now because of the great shots of NYC!!! but mostly because of the content delivered by G.U.R.U. The way he clearly expressed life in NYC is so real and so memorable over Premiere beats. Then the track "Just to get a Rep" which was even earlier on (1990) till this day reminds me why I am still extra careful when I am in another hood, and why I don't leave anything in plain sight inside my car no matter where I park it. The City was just like that then and GURU was one of the best at sharing it in the realist way possible. Now there are Condos on the water front where "Suckas need Bodyguards" was filmed and very little stick up kids are left (don't sleep they are still out there), and now R.I.P. GURU one of the last real Hip Hop artist. I feel we lost a piece of our city, and for sure a piece of our history.

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